The Athens University of Economics and Business is ranked 86th in Europe and 266th in the world in the field of Computer Science based on its research performance over the last decade (2012-2022), according to the Computer Science (CS) Rankings.

This ranking focuses on institutions that are pioneering in the field of computer science research based on publications in prestigious international conferences in this field. The research data is collected from the base of the “Digital Bibliography & Library Project (DBLP)”, which focuses exclusively on bibliography of Computer Science. The DBLP database includes over 40,000 volumes of journals, more than 39,000 scientific conference papers and 80,000 monographs.

It is worth noting that the “DBLP” database is updated monthly and the aforementioned University ranking results are based on research data of this database with the last update in January 2022.

The Rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis, stated: “The new international recognition of the Athens University of Economics and Business is a proof of our steadfast orientation towards excellence. The produced scientific work enjoys the trust of the international academic community and highlights the very high level of quality of our research staff “