Health Minister Thanos Plevris today announced that there will be a loosening of public health measures as of 19 February, following the approval of the advisory National Committee on COVID-19.

Open air athletic stadiums will be allowed to seat 50 percent of capacity (compared to the current 10 percent), restaurants, bars, and nightclubs will be allowed to have customers standing, and the percentage of tele-work will be reduced.

Tomorrow the Committee will review particular additional requests for a loosening of measures.

Health Ministry’s announcement

“At today’s meeting, the Committee of Experts, pursuant to the request of the government, recommended lifting the ban on entertainment with standing customers, the start of traditional school students’ trips, the increase to 50 percent of capacity at athletics stadiums, and the reduction to 20 percent of tele-work in the public sector.”

“At its meeting tomorrow, the Committee will examine particular requests [for a further loosening of measures.”

“The recommendation of the Committee is accepted by the government, and details will be offered in an imminent Joint Ministerial Decision.”

“The new measures will take effect on Saturday, 19/02/22.”