Electricity – Price hikes of up to 50% are coming – The reasons

The jump in prices recorded in the wholesale market of Europe will cause an “electrical shock” to households and businesses, if the increases are finally reflected in the retail

Scorching price hikes of up to 50% in electricity bills are brought by the price jump recorded in the wholesale market throughout Europe.

If these increases are finally reflected in retail, we will be talking about record prices that will reach 100 euros per megawatt.

The increase in the price of natural gas in combination with the rise in the emissions market are the main reasons that lead prices to rise, as Kostis Hatzidakis told SKAI television, noting that deregulation will help reduce the price of electricity

The causes of the increase

High demand due to heat
The emissions market, which means that whoever pollutes will pay more
Increase in the price of natural gas, with this being considered the main reason (The price of the megawatt rose to 48 euros from 25 euros).

It should also be noted that inflation is at 3% and energy increased by 15.3%, as revealed by a Eurostat survey.

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