Editorial: An historic opportunity

The government has the abiilty to comfortably implement the PM’s stated reformist policy and to create more favourable conditions,

By most accounts the post-election conditions in Greece are especially favourable.

New Democracy scored a clear victory in the 7 July general elections, secured one-party rule with an eight-seat majority (158 of the legislature’s 300 MPs), and secured a clear path for a full four-year term, thus minimising the political dangers that might have burdened it.

Moreover, the swiftness with which the new government was formed, its immediate undertaking of political initiatives, and its immediate passing of draft laws further bolster the atmosphere of positive expectations that was cultivated during the campaign period.

Ιt is also a commonplace conviction that the new government of Mr. Mitsotakis is reaping the benefits of the stabilisation of public finances, of the unprecedented fiscal adjustment achieved through the incredible sacrifices othe Greek people for over a decade.

The issue is not the unenviable position of the government beginning its term with unpopular and corrosive measures.

On the contrary, the government has the ability to comfortably implement the PM’s stated reformist policy and tcreate more favourable conditions.

The government’s reformist policies and its creation of more favourable preconditions for growth and economicprogress are crucial.

In this manner the government may enjoy increasing popularity, despite the wear that accompanies even a newly elected government.

Undoubtedly, the Mitsotakis administration has been called upon to manage Greece’s return to normalcy and the country’s opportunities.

For the first time after a ten-year crisis, the country and its citizens can be optimistic and have hopes for better days.
Domestic economic conditions are improved, economic data suggest economic health and stability, and the terms of borrowing are clearly better.

The interest of foreign investors is continually growing and creating improved economic conditions.

Greece at this juncture has great opportunities to reconstruct the economy and bring a national rebirth.

The preconditions exist, the productive vacuum is great, and the competitiveness of the Greek economy has improved,Prices, wages, and values as well as the values of employees allow it.

Greece’s geopolitical position and developments in the broader Eastern Mediterranean region and in the Balkans favours an organised effort on Greece’s part to reorganise and redetermine her place in the world.

Greece is surrounded by weak democracies with weak and underdeveloped markets which are a far cry from the implementation of the European acquis in Greece (EU law and regulations).

None of Athens’ neighbouring countries can offer the institutional and democratic guarantees that Greece can.

;Consequently, it is the job of the Mitsotakis administration not to shake Greeks’ sense of economic stabilisation and to ensure conditions o normalcy and of the international economic system.The economy can be transformed into a general wave of reconstruction that will transcend the current operation of the country.

Moreover, it is the government’s duty to bolster and transform a general wave of reconstruction that will be imbued in the country overall.

The PM has an advantage over his predecessors.

He believes in reforms.

He can better understand the priorities of the contemporary world.

He is not defined by dogmatic, fixed ideas.

His outlook is the same as the rest of the Western world, and he has the requisite education to approch international economic and other trends.

The PM has the requisite education to approach predominant trends which impact decisively on the course of economies and embrace societies.

Still, he must confront the traditions of his party – which are not the best – and the tight embrace of vested interests which may have connections to the party.

It is within the PM’s power to transcend the various dysfunctions which over time have developed and will encircle him and exploit for the benefit of the the party and of citizens the apparent historical responsibility.

The responsibility and the opportunity belong only to the prime minister.

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