Who needs NASA, scientific knowledge, and other drivel, when one has Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia on Mount Athos, the wise saint of technology?

Why should minister Pappas, who is an expert on everything, trust any old Krimizis, who became arrogant because he served as advisor to US presidents and had an asteroid named after him? “Big deal”, as our wise people would say, when there are scientific giants such as Krimizis’ successor, who had the daring and intelligence to put up a fight with the stupid Westerners, who were eating acorns and raw meat, when we were building Parthenons.

It was this successor who made the enormous scientific discovery regarding time-space and Saint Porphyrios. All this might have been jokes about some remote, battered country, except that it is happening in 2018 in Greece, the country that is pursuing its equal participation in the core of advanced countries, under a supposedly left-wing government, with ministers who pretend they can judge everything and everybody.

The case of Krimizis and his replacement is, unfortunately, not a chance incident, an accident that might have arisen because someone did not vet his CV. It is the rule, a daily practice, with all manner of hirees, such as prime ministerial advisor Karanikas, with a plethora of half-wits who are burdening the state budget.

The lack of meritocracy, unfortunately for the few serious people who have remained in SYRIZA, is now the status quo. For many, it is considered a badge of honour. Evaluation, excellence, and devotion to the common good are considered demerits and not advantages by our government. They declare this and implement it at every level.

Beyond that, we are preparing for a clean exit from the memorandum, with Saint Porphyrios, God bless us.