Golden Dawn member confesses to appointing Roupakias in assault squad

A detained Golden Dawn member Nikos Apostolou has confessed to appointing Giorgos Roupakias to the neo-Nazi party’s…

A detained Golden Dawn member Nikos Apostolou has confessed to appointing Giorgos Roupakias (pictured on the right, at a Golden Dawn training camp) to the neo-Nazi party’s assault squads, refuting earlier claims that the party was unaware of Pavlos Fyssas’ murderer.

The chilling confession came in telephone conversation with another Golden Dawn member that took place on the 19th of September 2013, after Fyssas’ murder in Keratsini. Apostolou explains that he appointed Roupakias to the “security groups”, whom he calls an “idiot”, when he was dating his daughter.

The two Golden Dawn members also discussed the media coverage of the case and allegations that party members were involved in extortion. Apostolou reveals that the allegations were true, noting that “our guys from Nikea went to old men, corner shops and Pakistanis and took [money]”.

In a mobile phone call to another Golden Dawn member recorded by the Police on the 27th of September 2013, Apostolou also appears to admit his participation in the brutal beating of two Anti Nazi Initiative members in Piraeus, on the 15th of December 2012.

During the conversation Apostolou expresses his worry about going to prison, but also reveals that he had authorized many similar attacks in Piraeus. The detained Golden Dawn member also revealed that he was second in command regarding Piraeus behind “Yannis”, whom the Police argue is detained MP Yannis Lagos.

In another recorded conversation Apostolou suggests that in the clashes that broke out between riot police and anarchists in the wake of Fyssas’ murder, Golden Dawn members colluded with the police as “indignant citizens”. Apostolou makes more chilling revelations regarding the collusion with the police by naming specific officers.

The Golden Dawn trials are expected to begin in early 2015.

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