The new energy bill goes to the Parliament for consultation immediately.

In particular, the Secretary General for Energy, Alexandra Sdoukou, spoke to FIN FORUM 2022 about the need to implement investments of 44 billion euros for green transition, while announcing that  the new energy bill will be put immediately, for consultation in Parliament..

“You also heard yesterday the Prime Minister mention in Parliament that Greece must strategically move even faster towards its independence from fossil fuels and move even more efficiently and quickly towards achieving the goal of climate neutrality.

This means that we will accelerate all our national initiatives, to achieve the goals set by our country, through the National Plan for Energy and Climate, focusing naturally on the pillars of clean energy and achieving more investment in RES as well as in the pillar of energy efficiency “, Ms. Sdoukou pointed out.

She added that “this means that we should accelerate the country’s program for the implementation of more projects related to energy upgrading in all buildings.”

New energy bill

Asked, in particular, about the new energy bill that is expected to be consulted soon in Parliament, Ms. Sdoukou replied: “We have announced it in advance and it is now to be put up for public consultation next week. We are therefore bringing in an energy bill, which will really speed up the licensing process for RES projects even more.

It is a key issue for us to see tangible investments at the moment, as well as a new institutional framework for storage projects. Storage, as it is currently being discussed in the EU, is taking on another dimension. We need storage projects, quite quickly and in this direction the Ministry has completed the new legislative and regulatory framework, which will enable storage projects to be carried out in our country as well “.

We aspire to proceed within 2022 with the reform of the government plan for Energy and Climate. We must accelerate this effort even more in order to achieve the goals “, stressed Ms. Sdoukou, speaking in the section of FIN FORUM 2022 “Financing the Infrastructure and the Energy Transition”.