The situation in the country’s hospitals remains extremely difficult, with the outbreak of the pandemic raising intense concerns among experts and the government.

The professor of Pulmonology-Intensive Care, Theodoros Vasilakopoulos, spoke about this on MEGA channel.

“All pregnant women should be vaccinated. It simply came to our notice then. All pregnant women, and women trying to have a baby, should be vaccinated regularly. Vaccination protects both the woman and the baby”, stressed Dr. Vasilakopoulos.

“Before the pandemic started, we had 560 intensive care beds in Greece. We now have over 1200. The 560 then were understaffed, both by doctors and nurses. During the pandemic we more than doubled the intensive care beds. But the system in terms of workforce is completely exhausted. There are no intensivists available. We have to forestall the ICU. Even if we had 10,000 ICUs, some patients would die. We must reduce the number of people who go to the hospital “, stressed Mr. Vasilakopoulos with Mr. Tzelepis noting that there are also health workers who resign.

“Make vaccination mandatory for those over 60”

“My view is that there should be stricter measures and that the vaccination rate should be increased in some way. I have said many times that vaccination should be mandatory. Vaccination should be mandatory for those over 60 years of age. Any measure that reduces the chance of transmission is in the right direction. The negative rapid test, a time of great upheaval, does not guarantee that someone is not transmitting. “We can not equate the test with the vaccine”, noted Mr. Vasilakopoulos.

“The 3rd shot should be open for everyone after four months”

“Science is something dynamic, we are constantly learning new things from study. The vaccinated person is fully protected for 4 months, and then the protection from the vaccine decreases, and for this one must do the repeated dose. The 3rd shot must be opened, so that anyone can do it after 4 months”, he stressed in closing.

Mr. Christos Tzelepis, president of employees at Ippokratio, also spoke on MEGA channel.

“Most pregnant women listen to gynecologists, so they should see this. The scientific community must agree, because there are different directions”, commented Mr. Tzelepis about the case of a 26-year-old pregnant woman.

“In the hospital we have the reality of the coronavirus, which is very difficult. For so many months the same staff has been covering the situation. Last year we had 800 patients in total who came to the hospital. All non-Covid admissions should be admitted to clinics that are reduced, as they are available for patients with coronavirus. In total we are currently treating about 140 Covid cases. The staff is reduced in numbers,” said Mr. Tzelepis.