Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and FYROM counterpart Nikola Dimitrov will hold a new round of talks next week in Vienna, with the participation of UN mediator Matthew Nimetz.

The talks are tentatively scheduled for 25 April.

The snap decision to hold a new round of talks came two days after Kotzias appeared pessimistic about reaching a settlement by summer.

“It is crystal clear that FYROM will not be admitted to Nato in June,” Kotzias said in a radio interview, noting that the issue will be put off until autumn.

The remark came as Skopje appeared to rule out a constitutional change and the use of a new name domestically, as Greece demands.

Hence, the fresh round of talks may focus on the timetable, an issue that was brought up during the last talks at Ohrid, FYROM.

At the time, Kotzias said there would be at least two more meetings coming up.

The first is on the sidelines of the four-way Greece-Albania-FYROM-Bulgaria cooperation meeting in early May in Thessaloniki. The second is at an 11-12 May meeting on the future of Europe at Sounion, with the participation of Western Balkan countries.