A draft of Greece’s post-bailout development plan will be reviewed today at a meeting of the Euro Working Group (EWG).
The Greek government has already sent the plan to the heads of the institutions overseeing the Greek programme: the European Commission, the ECB, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and the IMF, according to the state-run Athens News Agency.

The idea is for the Greek government to have complete ownership of the plan. It includes measures to attract investment, the modernisation of public administration, an investment-friendly tax system, and measures to reduce the volume of non-performing loans.

Today’s EWG meeting kicks off a crucial two weeks of feverish preparations for a preliminary agreement on the end of the Greek programme at the 27 April Eurogroup, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The critical fourth evaluation will be discussed later with the representatives of Greece’s lenders, who are scheduled to return to Athens in early May.

The objective is to reach a staff-level technical agreement by the 24 May Eurogroup.

In Brussels, the crucial date is 21 June, when the Eurogroup must decide on all the key aspects of the Greek programme.

These are: completion of the fourth bailout implementation evaluation, agreement on the Greek growth strategy, agreement on debt relief measures, and post-bailout fiscal supervision.