Alexis Tsipras invaded the central political stage in 2008, almost simultaneously with the arrival of the great economic crisis.

Until then, his political presence was almost marginal, within the narrow boundaries of his own party.
His experiences –political, professional, economic, and administrative – were limited.

His perceptions were defined by his activity in his party, more than anything else.

His contact with how the country operates, and its procedures and problems, was almost none.

Because his political education was particular – from the streets – he had characteristic deficiencies, especially left-wing movements’ audacity of challenging everything, including institutions.

The concept of the separation of powers was confused, and the maxim “The end justifies the means” dominant. Those who have observed the stance and behavior of similar groups understand that this is true.

Despite the many deficiencies in understanding problems and conditions, the harsh economic policies that prevailed after 2008, due to bankruptcy, benefited his political ascent.

Tsipras managed (with his inflammatory rhetoric and vile attacks against those of his political opponents who were hit hard by the crisis, and with the divisive slogan “Either us or them”) – to win the post of opposition leader in 2012.

Two-and-a-half years later, in January 2015, following an imprudent and totally self-interested policy in accord with his interests, he managed to become leader of the country, with the known results

Overtaken by a lack of understanding – and his self-professed self-delusions and illusions, the product of his street political education – six months later he literally led the country to the edge of the cliff.

He disrupted with his acts and choices all the previous sacrifices of the Greek people. Accepting the weighty compromise of the last hour, he undertook burdens and duties that continue three years later to bedevil the country and the Greek people.

In the interim, in order to justify his big mistakes, he launched an unprecedented, decisive battle to malign and wear out everyone. He highlighted, in accord with his ultra left-wing education, many “enemies of the people”, and made the media responsible for all the world’s ills. He wanted through organised slander to harm all political opponents, exercising preventive policies against possible rivals.

Since then the country is at risk of becoming an endless courtroom. To achieve his aims, he sought to completely control the judiciary, making Machiavellian alliances, even with the devil.

To achieve his aim, he sought to totally control the judiciary, building Machiavellian alliances even with the devil.
To this end, divs from opposing camps were used. Various people showed up who wanted to play a role similar to that of Andrey Vyshinsky in the Stalinist era, in the notorious Moscow trials of 1937, and people above suspicion, instead of honouring the positions and roles assigned to them by the Hellenic Republic, conspired ceaselessly, with no measure and no shame.

Despite all that, ineffectiveness prevailed, along with the wear of governance. Mr. Tsipras is being haunted by his imprudent choices, and by the imperfect political schemes he attempted to impose at various times.

The greatest proof of the above is the complications in national issues, especially Greek-Turkish relations.
The handling by the government, and especially by the prime minister, was if nothing else unprepared and totally problematical. The outcome of Erdogan’s visit to Athens is indicative.

The captivity as hostages of the two Greek army officers is indicative of a shallow stance and behaviour.

On his watch, the country unfortunately faces, after many years, waves of great tension in the Aegean and Cyprus, to the point that everyone is concerned about what comes next, especially about the prospect of bellicose incidents and possible national losses.

While all these negative developments are unfolding, the circle of cynics who govern us is preoccupied with conspiring to perpetuate their power.

Right now, in the prime minister’s office, they are exhausting their energy in implementing a dark plan to annihilate potential political and other opponents.

Everyone and everything are thrown into the same bag – politicians, businessmen, journalists, newspapers, and whoever has something different to say – and are being targeted, castigated and derided, in order to justify the divisive “Either us or them”.

Let the person responsible, who inspired all these machinations, know that the Greek people are now aware of their game, cannot be persuaded, and will not follow as in the past. They had the opportunity, and wasted it on their passions.