The counter-terrorism police will participate in the investigation of a bank robbery in Sykourio, Larissa that took place on Thursday, on suspicion that wanted urban guerilla Nikos Maziotis was involved.

On Thursday three men disguised with military fatigues and wigs entered the Piraeus Bank branch and immobilized the bank employees and customers. The robbers waited for the bank vault to open, despite the time delay security measure. The robbers escaped via car with over 150,000 euros.

The vehicle, which had counterfeit license plates, was later torched. It is believed that the three robbers had an accomplice and that another escape vehicle was used.

The counter-terrorism police was mobilized due to the methods used by the robbers, which resembles those attributed to Nikos Maziotis. The police also attributed a 2013 bank robbery in near-by Velestino.

The robbery in Sykourio may also be symbolic, as 17 November managed to steal military ordnance from an army base in Sykourio on Christmas Eve in 1989.