The Coast Guard has located and arrested a total of 51 migrants in areas near Farmakonisi, Ikaria, Lesvos and Patra. A 51-year-old human trafficker and his 46-year-old accomplice have also been arrested.

On Tuesday morning the Coast Guard located 17 migrants on the Nelia beach, on the northern coast of Ikaria, while a further 10 migrants were located on the eastern shores of Farmakonisi. In the evening the Coast Guard located 19 migrants in the greater Mantamados area on Lesvos.

Additionally, the Immigration Authorities in Patra located found migrants in the port of Patra, as they were attempting to board ferry boats with fake travel documents.

Upon further investigation at the port in Patra, authorities arrested a 51-year-old foreign national who appears to be a human trafficker, his 46-year-old female accomplice and a 40-year-old migrant.