Editorial: Convention far away from society

SYRIZA’s conference almost went unnoticed. Aside from the partisan microcosm and…

Editorial: Convention far away from society | tovima.gr

SYRIZA’s conference almost went unnoticed. Aside from the partisan microcosm and the battle of the trenches for a place in the sun of power, the three-day talks didn’t generate any interest, not even among the party voters.

It was a conference that merely confirmed the domination of Mr. Tsipras, who was elected with a majority reminiscent of regimes from the erstwhile real socialism.

Without a doubt Mr. Tsipras managed to enforce his will, overturning a decisive vote with the unbelievable argument for a left party of “did you realize that you voted against my recommendation”. The conference-goes were quick to obey to their leader’s command… The new relationship with society that he invoked in his second speech cannot be seen on the horizon.

The partisan patriotism and remaining in power were the cohesive elements in most positions expressed at the conference. The few exceptions of criticism for what had been promised and carried out was simply an alibi for some to project their lost, left identity. IT is no coincidence that the political decision, which would normally have cause endless clashes and conflicts, was voted within a few minutes.

As a rule of thumb, the conferences of left parties confirm decisions that have already been taken by the leadership. The conference of SYRIZA simply confirmed Tsipras’ dominance. As it turned out, nobody dared dispute the choices of the leader that brought them to power. Ideological principles and political positions were undermined by challenge of remaining in power.


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