The great dynamics of the Greek professional yacht license, which is threatened with “abolition” by the draft law of the Ministry of Shipping under discussion in Parliament, according to market participants, is highlighted by the comparison of data related to two international yacht exhibitions held next week in Barcelona and Nafplio.

According to the experts in the field of mega yachts, between April 25-28, an international yacht exhibition (MYBA CHARTER SHOW 25-28 / 4) is taking place in Barcelona, ​​in which 21 boats are participating, covering the commercial boats for Italy, France, Spain for all over the Western Mediterranean.

Immediately after the period 30 / 4-4 / 5, the international exhibition MEDITERRANEAN YACHT SHOW 30 / 4-4 / 5/2022 takes place in Nafplio, with the participation of 90 boats with Greek professional licenses, covering the Eastern Mediterranean. In fact, as noted by competent officials, there are still 20 boats on the waiting list, but unfortunately there is no mooring space available in the port of Nafplio.

Based on the above data, the same factors of the “industry” of Mega Yachts emphasize, the dynamics of the Greek professional license is obvious as four and more times more boats are featured in Nafplio, than in Barcelona.


According to industry divs, the Greek professional license and therefore the Greek flag are being undermined by Article Eight of the bill entitled “Modernization of the institutional framework for the operation of pleasure craft and cruise ships, strengthening the competitiveness of the commercial ship industry” and other provisions “which provides the terms and conditions for the operation of yachts with foreign flag which will be able to perform a full charter contract, for a period of 21 days and seven additional days after special permission ..

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Stricter framework of supervision, manning and operation, it is clear that several Greek vessels will be forced to submit to the Greek flag in order to remain competitive, with all that entails the loss of taxes, insurance contributions, jobs of Greek sailors, while market distortion will be established and consolidation of unfair competition.

Market liberalization

Those objecting to this clause have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Finally, the Ministry of Shipping claims that with the Law of 2017, there are many disincentives for the activity of professional pleasure boats, especially those over 35 meters, with starting / ending points of the trip and home-porting in Greek ports. The new draft law frees, under certain terms and conditions, the activity of professional ships mega – super – giga yachts under a flag other than the Greek over 35 m. And leads to a great development of the important and profitable sector of yachting, especially for boats over 35 meters.

Today, however, in the Parliament, in the competent Standing Committee on Production and Trade, the elaboration and examination of the draft law of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy will continue. pleasure boats and other provisions “by hearing non-parliamentary persons.