Who governs this land?

It is high time we all understood it and accepted it; in today’s Greece, after the elections, three people essentially govern the…

Who governs this land? | tovima.gr

It is high time we all understood it and accepted it; in today’s Greece, after the elections, three people essentially govern the country, surrounded by a colorful chorus that is “offered up for good use”.

One could even be entertaining, as he may have made some blunders, but he has not made any serious mistakes in exercising his duties so far. And since he has not been involved in the negotiations with the European Union, his responsibilities are limited. Of course, one could say that he has all the time ahead of him.

The second one is the personification of blind partisanship. Before he left the Communist Party, he was one of Charilaos Florakis’ trusted associated. He harbored fanatic ideas and left KKE to join a movement, which along with KKE Interior and other groups they formed the Coalition of the Radical Left, which succeeded the Coalition of the Left and Progress that Charilaos Florakis and Leonidas Kyrkos had previously formed, having set aside their animosity and hatred. Aside from his… apostasy from KKE for one of its ideological and political neighbors, this man has no efforts to show aside from his competitiveness within his party.

For years now he has been the chief of his party’s opposition against his party’s president. However many times he has gone up against him, he has lost with a big difference. Now he has aligned himself with the minority in SYRIZA which is against an agreement with the European Union and in favor, of course, of returning to the drachma.

The third and most important is the party president, which the majority within the party has consistently followed since he was elected.

It is time that he was tested and took radical decisions. He alone will decide when the negotiations with the EU will end. Clearly, he will decide on his own. And he will be judged by his actions. The situation is difficult since the people (the overwhelming majority, according the latest polls) want an agreement with the EU “bu all means”, while a group of SYRIZA MPs may cause a major political crisis with a negative vote.

The questions are focused on what the reactions will be of a section within SYRIZA – whether they assume the responsibility for a default or whether they accept that things have already been decided. The serious question though is what the story’s main protagonist will do, whether he will be applauded or jeered…

History favors the bold and is always on the side of the powerful. Vae Victis!

Stavros P. Psycharis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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