The Greek statistics authority ELSTAT has published a survey on household budgets during the 2009-2013 period, according to which the financial crisis changed consumer habits.

The survey shows that average monthly household budget at the start of 2013 was estimated to be 1,509 euros, which was 7.8% (127 euros) less than in the 2012. By taking into consideration inflation, the monthly budget was cut by 6.2% (99.88 euros).

The greatest shifts in expenses were documented in durables (-11.6%), education (-11.3%), transport (-9.9%), miscellaneous goods and services (-9.5%), hotels, cafes and restaurants (-9.3%), communication (-9.2%), housing (-8.8%) and clothing (-8.3%).

Smaller cuts were also documented in food (-6.5%), recreation and culture (-5.6%) and health (-0.3%), which alcoholic beverages and tobacco increased by 0.1%.

ELSTAT’s full set of div is available here.