Editorial: Mr. Hardouvelis’ common sense

Perhaps the hardest thing in Greece is to have a discussion based on reality rather than compulsions and wishful thinking…

Editorial: Mr. Hardouvelis’ common sense | tovima.gr

Perhaps the hardest thing in Greece is to have a discussion based on reality rather than compulsions and wishful thinking. Usually though, discussions in Parliament end up being tactical impressions rather than substantial dialog. There are, however, a few voices which due to not investing in electioneering and political ranks, attempt to approach the problems with common sense, regardless of whether they excite or please the audience.

The Minister of Finances Mr. Hardouvelis chose the second path in his intervention last night. He attempted to discuss the obvious, stressing that in the deals with our partners Greece must remain united as one. He then argued that there must be a consensus on the major issues because we do not have the luxury of sending wrong messages to our partners. This is an obvious truth which, beyond any ideological or political differences, should be common ground in our political system.

As desirable as the expectation to preserve or claim power may be, there are certain limits to political debate, particularly in a country that has been suffering for the past five years and where political considerations prevail. The greatest challenge for everyone at present is to not waste the Greek people’s sacrifices on the one hand and to pursue a final settlement for the debt on the other. The various approaches to management and negotiation should not be an obstacle to establishing a minimum national agreement, which would making things much easier and facilitate the ongoing talks with our European partners and the IMF.

This truth may be self-evident to most people, but the political leaders do not seem to understand it. The end result is for the country to find itself gripped in political uncertainty, which rather than facilitating negotiations is postponing any deals for the future.


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