European Parliament Vice-President and SYRIZA MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis discussed the ramifications of the Greece-FYROM naming accord, known as the Prespa agreement, with FYROM Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, in Skopje yesterday.

“The conclusion of the Prespa Agreement opens new possibilities for political and economic cooperation on a bilateral and regional level, and offers a positive message to all of Europe,” Papadimoulis said.

The meeting was held less than two weeks before the crucial 30 September referendum in FYROM on approval of the accord.

According to a statement by SYRIZA, Papadimoulis “underlined the support of a large majority of the European Parliament for the Prespa Agreement, and the more general support for necessary reforms that will expedite the country’s European course.”

Papadimoulis stressed Greece’s diachronic support for the accession to the EU of the countries of Southeastern Europe, a policy which he said will intensify following the completion and implementation of the Prespa Agreement, and which creates new opportunities for political and economic cooperation and offers a positive message to all of Europe.

According to the SYRIZA statement, “Xhaferi stressed the importance of cooperation between the European Parliament and the FYROM Parliament, and he welcomed the Prespa Agreement, which creates new prospects for the country’s European course and for its relations with Greece, including the inter-parliamentary level”.

Xhaferi said he was very optimistic about a positive result in the referendum and in the subsequent implementation of the terms of the agreement, which require a constitutional revision, in FYROM’s parliament.