An attack was carried out with a grenade against the French Embassy in the city center of Athens, at about 4:45 on Thursday morning. The police guard was lightly injured as a result.

According to early reports, the grenade appears to have been thrown by two people riding a motorcycle, which witnesses claim sped off towards Exarchia after the attack. A suspect motorcycle was later recovered in the area, which the police is inspecting for fingerprints and other evidence.

The bomb attack was carried out in one of the safest areas in Athens – a short distance from the Hellenic Parliament, Syntagma Square and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The police have yet to determine whether the French Embassy or the guard was the target of the attack. Officers of the counter-terrorism police unit and bomb squad are investigating the attack.

Government and opposition denounce attack

The government has denounced the attack, arguing that the bilateral relations between Greece and France will not be affected in the slightest by such terrorist actions. The government spokesperson Dimitris Tzanakopoulos also expressed his support towards the injured police officer.

New Democracy chief Kyriakos Mitsotakis also denounced the attack and expressed his frustration and concern over the attack. He also wished the injured officer a speedy recovery.

The Communist Party also issued a statement on the attack, arguing that such actions are hostile towards the worker movement and only achieves in giving a further alibi for increasing suppression, in relation to the upcoming visit of US President Obama.