Editorial: The price of popular treason

The government’s effort to undermine the polls published by Avgi on Sunday, which…

Editorial: The price of popular treason | tovima.gr

The government’s effort to undermine the polls published by Avgi on Sunday, which documents SYRIZA’s decline, as all previous surveys, reveals a panic and an unawareness of reality. The government leadership appears to be loosing touch with popular opinion, which has turned its back.

The survey published in Avgi did not reveal anything more than what all other polls in the media revealed, which the government and its supporters considered fabricated. Perhaps what angered the government mouthpieces was that PM Tsipras is now at focus on anger and frustration, while most people appear to be in favor of early elections.

Anyone in touch with society, those with jobs and the unemployed, pensioners and businesses, is aware of the major disappointment over the Prime Minister and his officers’ failure to meet expectations. And how could it be any different, when the government and Prime Minister personally have dismissed everything they promised and instead implement everything of which they accused their political opponents.

It is also clear that when 8 out of 10 people are complaining about the government’s policy and 7 out of 10 SYRIZA voters do the same, Mr. Tsipras and his government cannot hope to reverse the climate with minor changes. The cabinet reshuffle that is being planned cannot offer much.

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, the hopes he generated with his many, groundless promises are coming back to haunt him. He and his party have suffered the safe fate of all governments that have managed the crisis, to a much greater degree, since he denied all expectations that he created…


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