The Minister of Public Order Nikos Toskas has argued that there is no reason for concern in Greece, following the terrorist attack in Brussels on Tuesday.

There is no reason for concern in Greece. For historic reasons our country is not a target, but we must be vigilant because many people come through our country and we cooperate with other governments. We have not located any cells or movements to cause concern” he argued on SKAI.

After Tuesday’s attacks in Belgium though, the Hellenic police is on full alert, with constant meetings being held at the headquarters. Reports suggest that the security and monitoring of embassies and businesses of Belgian and French interests, primarily, will increase.

Security at the Athens International Airport is already high, however the Police will urge its officers to be more vigilant and look out for suspicious people or abandoned luggage and bags. Police officers patrolling Metro stations have also been given similar instructions.

Regarding Tuesday’s meeting called by Prime Minister Tsipras, Mr. Toskas revealed that the agenda was focused on “immediate measures to be taken, not because of an increased threat, but due to the attack. We work on how to improve security measures on a daily basis”.

The Minister concluded by noting that “the attack in November mobilized the government at the time to take measures to protect foreign interests from being targeted. Similar measures are in place today based on that experience”.