Local elections: Dourou wins Attica, Kaminis reelected in Athens

The race for the district of Attica was tense with SYRIZA’s Rena Dourou ultimately defeating the outgoing governor Yannis Sgouros…

The race for the district of Attica was tense with SYRIZA’s Rena Dourou ultimately defeating the outgoing governor Yannis Sgouros.

District of Attica

  • Rena Dourou 50.83%
  • Yannis Sgouros 49.16%

District of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

  • Giorgos Pavlidis 56.33%
  • Aristides Giannakidis 43.67%

District of Central Macedonia

  • Apostolos Tzitzikostas 71.01%
  • Yannis Ioannidis 28.99%

District of Western Macedonia

  • Theodoros Karypidis 58.70%
  • Giorgos Dakis 41.30%

District of Thessaly

  • Konstantinos Agorastos 54.48%
  • Nikolaos Tsilimigas 45.52%

District of Ionian Isles

  • Theodoros Galiatsatos 59/89%
  • Spyridon Spyrou 40.11%

District of Western Greece

  • Apostolos Katsifaras 50.51%
  • Andreas Katsaniotis 49.49%

District of Central Greece

  • Kostas Bakoyannis 55.71%
  • Evangelos Apostolou 44.29%

District of Peloponnesus

  • Petros Tatoulis 59.36%
  • Odysseas Voudouris 40.64%

District of Northern Aegean

  • Christiana Kalogirou 53.02%
  • Athanasios Giakalis 46.98%

District of Southern Aegean

  • Giorgos Hatzimarkos 57.38%
  • Yannis Machairidis 42.62%

District of Crete

  • Stavros Arnaoutakis 64.01%
  • Seraphim Tsokas 35.99%

In the District of Epirus Alexandros Karchimanis was elected in the first round with a 50.83% rate.

Municipal elections

In the second round of municipal elections Giorgos Kaminis and Yannis Boutaris were both reelected in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively, while Yannis Moralis and Achilleas Beos are the new mayors of Piraeus and Volos respectively.

Municipality of Athens

  • Giorgos Kaminis 51.44%
  • Gabriel Sakellaridis 48.56%

Municipality of Piraeus

  • Yannis Moralis 55.21%
  • Vasilis Michaloliakos 44.79%

Municipality of Thessaloniki

  • Yannis Boutaris 58.16%
  • Stavros Kalafatis 41.84%

Municipality of Patra

  • Konstantinos Peletidis 63.64%
  • Konstantinos Christopoulos 36.36%

Municipality of Volos

  • Achilleas Beos 53.13%
  • Margaritis Patsiantas 46.87%

Municipality of Larissa

  • Apostolos Kalogiannis 54.48%
  • Irini Karalariotou 45.52%

The official results are available via the Ministry of Interior’s website: local elections &European elections.
You may also view
To Vima‘s interactive map of the local and European results here.

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