Bill on simplifying business licensing tabled in Parliament

The coalition government has submitted a bill which includes reforms for the second…

The coalition government has submitted a bill which includes reforms for the second bailout program review and which aims to simply business licensing procedures.

The majority of parties have supported the bill in principle, however New Democracy expressed doubts as to implementation and efficiency, while the Communist Party and Golden Dawn have announced that they will vote against it, arguing that the bill introduces new anti-popular austerity policies.

SYRIZA MP Theodora Tzakri underlined that all pro-European parties must support the bill as it cuts through a lot of red tape, defends the public interest and supports entrepreneurship and the economy. The speaker for the Independent Greeks Giorgos Lazaridis stressed that the bill will set new rules with the aim of crating positive investment environment. New Democracy’s Dora Bakoyanni however was reserved as to the bill’s efficiency and flexibility.

The Democratic Alignment’s Odysseus Konstantinopoulos claimed that the bill is unrealistic and vague; however he admitted that there were many positive provisions. Similarly, the River’s Giorgos Amyras praised the bill for reducing state control and promoting entrepreneurship. The Union of Centrists’ Giorgos Katsiantonis commented that while there are many positive provisions in the bill that will bolster the Greek economy and entrepreneurship, he accused the government of huge delays.

Helios Kiosk