Editorial: Political games and refugees

The clashes between refugees at the port of Piraeus, the tension in Idomeni, protests on Chios and other island with sizeable…

Editorial: Political games and refugees | tovima.gr

The clashes between refugees at the port of Piraeus, the tension in Idomeni, protests on Chios and other island with sizeable number of refugees are unfortunately the expected result of the chaotic situation in the management of the refugee crisis. The government’s choice to essentially leave the management of large centers to NGOs (without state presence) has unavoidably caused friction and conflicts.

This was underlined by the major NGOs, which witness the tragic survival conditions and problems of refugees of different nationalities coexisting on a daily basis. The hot spots on the islands which have already been converted into closed detention centers for the newly arriving refugees are packed to the brim. It has yet to be determined what will happen next week, when the returns to Turkey are meant to begin.

Undeniably the problem is significant for a country that has problematic administration and is exacerbated by the constant ambivalence of government officer, who are unable to set a specific and realistic policy. It took many months – and the closure of the borders – for the government to decide that the open border policy leads nowhere and sign the EU-Turkey agreement. Now internal disagreement within SYRIZA is threatening to undermine the agreement.

After a minority within the party’s political secretariat openly blasted the agreement, it was time for the group of “53” to confirm the split within the government. They denounce the castles built by Europe, the closed centers, the European elite and oppose the registration centers because, they claim, they do not secure human rights.

This dispute of the policy agreed by PM Tsipras from top ministers and party officers who are part of the “53” is a major split. Taking into account the problems in implementing the agreement, the stance of those in disagreement will result in even greater problems that may cause the situation to further spiral out of control.

Given the situation in Greece, there is no room for political games in the name of humanitarianism and solidarity. The destitution of Idomeni, chaos in Piraeus and tragic conditions in many hospitality centers are not examples of humanism, contrary to the delusions of those standing in solidarity. The easy shots and charges against Europe also do not help the refugees or the country, which has a major problem ahead of it to face…


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