The president of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (ESEE) Vasilis Korkidis estimated that the bailout agreement reached between the government and institutions is “the launching pad for one last opportunity” and that “serious planning” will be necessary in order to stabilize and reboot the domestic economy.

Mr. Korkidis explained that it is necessary more than ever before to develop and implement a national strategic growth plan that will collectively bind Greek political leaders and society for the next years.

Although market bodies are prepared to make substantiated proposals, Mr. Korkidis underlined that the top priority at present must be to save the country. As such, he noted that the new, harsh and burdensome bailout agreement may be tolerated, since it will allow Greece to determine its own fate.

The situation for society and economy alike is “very critical” and as such all prior actions contained in the new bailout must be carefully evaluated and gradually revised and corrected as necessary. The agreement may have been reached, he noted, but the politicians must not jeopardize it.