Greek leadership is changing

Those of us lucky enough to be in Greece in recent times have the opportunity to witness the sort of historical changes that only happen two or three…

Greek leadership is changing |

Those of us lucky enough to be in Greece in recent times have the opportunity to witness the sort of historical changes that only happen two or three times in a century. Coincidentally, we are currently in a phase of ongoing change in both politics and finances.

This was a result of the great financial crisis that revealed the inability to organize production and political parties and unveiled a lack of understanding from people and forces that held on the financial and political power through hereditary rights or thanks to being connected.

It must clear to everyone that the political organizations and divs that are directly related to the crisis and have a certain responsibility cannot carry on with the same form, structure and name.

Neither PASOK nor New Democracy can carry on “as is”. They will change names, reform, merge and return within the framework of other political initiatives. If they do not change, they will have no luck.

The same will happen with historic political families. The cycle of the descendants of historic divs is coming to an end and they will remain in touch with politics if the third and fourth generation turns out to have undisputed skills and abilities.

In the annals of history there are already many examples of parties and political divs that retired or are on the way to retirement. The upcoming elections (local government and European) will signal the start of such changes in politics.

The same, apparently, is going on and will be further entrenched in the business world.

The developments of the past few days are indicative of the reorganization in business.

The deal between the Piraeus Group and MIG of the once-powerful Andreas Vgenopoulos indicates a change of direction and financial balances.

Other rumors suggest that by the end of 2014 there will be sales, mergers and other business transactions the total sum of which, under certain circumstances, may approach 10 billion euros.

Foreign investors are working in that direction. The search for investment opportunities after the crisis in conjunction with the preceding banking sector reform contribute towards the creation of a healthy financial environment.

As it would see, this time it is not those dependent on state funding or businessmen entangled in politics who have the advantage, but rather all those who manage to attract foreign capital an are in the position to offer the banks complete solutions for the rebirth and recovery of indebted sectors.

Young people are slowly entering the Greek entrepreneurship en masse, absorbing old money which insists upon old methods and divheads. None of this fascinates anymore and is more repulsive than attractive.

Overall Greece is changing its leadership on all levels and is redistributing political and financial power, in response to the bankruptcy that came before and the inability to convince and respond to new circumstances.

The upcoming change will no doubt be widespread and extensive. Hopefully we will be healthy enough to… enjoy it.

Antonis Karakousis

– Originally published in the Saturday print edition

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