Lockdown loosening if current spread rate continues, curfew in parts on Patras, Volos

The health ministry announced that 99 new cases were confirmed and six patients died in hospital in the last 24 hours.

As the health ministry announced its daily data on the spread and cases of the coronavirus, spokesman Sotiris Tsiodras expressed guarded optimism that if people continue to strictly abide by current public health restrictions and the fairly encouraging data on the rate of spread of the virus in Greece improves somewhat, there may be a gradual loosening of restrictions sooner than later.

“We may see a decline yet this is up to us entirely as the spread can very rapidly reach the larger population, depending on whether people abide strictly by current restrictive measures.

Death toll rises to 59, six deaths

The health ministry announced that 99 new cases were confirmed and six patients died in hospital in the last 24 hours.

The total number of coronavirus cases has risen to 1,613, of which 335 involved people who had traveled abroad.

Six people have died within 24 hours, of whom 39 were men and only ten women, bringing the death toll to 59.

Over 90 percent either had serious underlying health conditions or were over 70 years of age or both.

Currently 92 patients are being treated in Intensive Care Units, 23 of whom are women. The average age of ICU patients is 66 and more than half have serious underlying health problems.

ICU survivors

Among the 11 patients that have so far been discharged from ICUs the average age is 66 and several had underlying health conditions
Tsiodras extolled the tireless work of emergency ambulance service (EKAV) medical, nursing and administrative staff, who must balance between coronavirus and other emergencies.

Tsiodras said that 22,437 Covid-19 diagnostic lab tests have been carried out in Greece so far.

14-day curfew in parts of Patras, Volos

Meanwhile, the underministry for civil protection has decided to impose a 14-day curfew in parts of the port city of Patras and of the city of Volos that attract a large number of visitors.

In Patras, the restriction pertains only to the South Park (photo) and Plage Agias areas where a curfew will be in place from Monday through from 14.00 to 08.00 the next morning and throughout Saturday and Sunday.

In Volos, the popular promenade lined with coffee shops will be off limits as of Monday, April 6, and for the following 14 days.

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