IMF pressuring government for additional measures in 2016-2017

While the Eurozone has set a ten-dayline for the Greek government to come to an agreement with the troika for the completion…

While the Eurozone has set a ten-day deadline for the Greek government to come to an agreement with the troika for the completion of the review and rumors of a six-month bailout program extension increase, sources suggest that the IMF is not pleased with the measures proposed by the coalition government and has requested further measures for 2016 and 2017.

The coalition government was meant to respond to the troika request for further clarifications for the proposals it made in order to unblock the final troika review, but ultimately did not reply as communication with the troika has frozen. As it appears, all unresolved issues will be clarified and discussed at the Eurogroup on Monday.

A report in Ta Nea cites Finance Ministry sources which argue that there was no point in replying to the troika since they did not intend to respond. The Ministry sources also stressed that even if a response is sent via email, it will not contain any additional measures, aside from clarifications and explanations of what the Minister of Finances has already presented.

In any case, in order to begin negotiations for the precautionary credit line, the Greek government will first have to vote upon the “prerequisite” measures that it will commit to, which is anything but easy, considering the deadlock with the troika and the government’s rejection of further concessions.

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