Editorial: Greece needs time and patience!

Last Sunday, the Minister of Finances Gikas Hardouvelis sent the troika a letter from the Greek government with additional…

Editorial: Greece needs time and patience! | tovima.gr

Last Sunday, the Minister of Finances Gikas Hardouvelis sent the troika a letter from the Greek government with additional measures in order to continue and complete the negotiations.

So far there has been no response. Instead, the troika heads sent it back, via the press, while announcing, in the most unacceptable fashion, their disagreement or objection.

They are possibly increasing the pressure in order to expand the package of additional measures or perhaps they want to force the Samaras government to accept measures that it cannot support.

Our creditors and partners essentially resemble Shakespeare’s Shylock; ignoring all the efforts and sacrifices, they demand a pound for the flesh from every Greek in order to pay off their debts.

In other words they are pushing the country to the brink, on the very edge. They are even exhausting the political forces that allied with them, they will not allow the people any room to breathe and are setting the conditions for social tension.

They are acting as if they not desire the country’s salvation, but rather as if they want to sacrifice it to placate the markets and save the rest of Europe, which – in absolute numbers – has maintained deficits and generated mounds of debts far greater than our own.

The Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ appeal last night reveals the pressure that he faces and difficulty – personal and political – in accepting the absurd demands of creditors and partners.

Greece in 2014 bears little to no resemblance to Greece in 2010 or 2012. Only a few short months ago, after all, our creditors and partners praised the fiscal progress and the extent of the structural reform. They cannot deny themselves now.

It is everyone’s duty, to accept the Greek effort, be patient and allow some time – especially the European leaders who are hiding behind the International Monetary Fund’s inflexibility.

That is what Greece needs right now. Time and patience, nothing else.


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