The Minister of Education Nikos Filis has responded to the profound statement issued by the parents and guardian association of the primary school in Oreokastro and argued that it was an ‘isolated incident’ that cannot possibly tarnish the solidarity demonstrated by the Greek people in the refugee crisis.

In an interview on Skai, Mr. Filis estimated that the parents and guardians behind the statement were New Democracy supports and called the opposition parties to take a stand on this sensitive issue. The Education Minister stressed that it is not up to associations or local councils whether child refugees will go to school and urged local authorities to uphold the rule of law and not be provocative.

Later on the Education Minister explained that the state and relevant health authorities have take all necessary measures. Mr. Filis also noted that the child refugees will attend special classes at midday, in order to learn their mother tongue, Greek and another foreign language.

Mr. Filis underlined that the Greek state has an obligation to offer an education to the children of refugees. He also commented that schools may be set up in refugee accommodation centers for preschoolers and those located far from urban centers. The aim, he argued, is to avoid “ghettoization”.