Editorial: Europe needs Greece again!

The images broadcast from the Greek isles suggest and escalation of the refugee and migration wave from the Turkish shores…

Editorial: Europe needs Greece again! | tovima.gr

The images broadcast from the Greek isles suggest and escalation of the refugee and migration wave from the Turkish shores towards Greece and the European Union.

In conjunction with the many reactions in European countries, where nationalist beliefs and protective policies tend to prevail, things are become more complicated.

The first tears and impulsive statements in defense of the right of the refugees to protect themselves from the consequences of war are now being replaced by blockades and measures aimed at control the refugee wage on the European borders, namely between Greece and Turkey.

Most of our partners feel the intense pressure from the caravans of refugees arriving from the Sound and appear powerless in facing the emergence of far-right anti-migration movements.

As such, they tend to transfer the pressure to our country, demanding from us to protect the European borders or at best to contain the powerful wave of migration within our borders.

The major threat for Greece now will be to for a significant number of refugees being trapped in our country, which along with the serious financial crisis, will turn our country into a storeroom for the desperate.

Unfortunately Greece is being pressured on two fronts from its partners. They demand full compliance towards our financial obligations and at the same time they ask that the poorest country in Europe faces the refugee crisis almost on its own.

Precisely because there is no shortage of hypocrisy in Europe, the government has a unique opportunity. To take advantage of the special circumstance and demand assistance, resources and true solidarity, like it had not received before.

Despite the problems Greece is remarkably fulfilling its humanitarian obligation towards the refugees who are desperately trying to save themselves. And Greece is doing so on behalf of the whole of Europe.

Truth be told, Europe is under a lot of pressure from the refugee crisis. The entire European foundation is in danger of a major shock. The tragic irony is that the weakest link is called upon to bail Europe out.

In other words Europe needs Greece once more and it must do what is necessary, if it truly wants to maintain the privilege of being the most prosperous zone on the planet.


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