The new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is set to present his cabinet of ministers on Tuesday, which will be radically different to previous cabinets, with many rumors circulating on the new Ministers.

According to the Presidential Decree submitted at the State Council, Mr. Tsipras’ administration will feature four “super ministries”: Interior; Economy; Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy; Culture, Education and Religious Affairs.

The new Ministry of Interior will merge the Ministry with those of Administrative Reform, Public Order and Macedonia-Thrace. The super-ministry of Economy will also include the services and powers of the Ministries of Growth, Shipping, Tourism, Transport and Infrastructure.

The third super-ministry will merge the Ministries of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and Agricultural Development with the Growth Ministry’s general secretariat of industry. The new super ministry of Culture will merge the ministries of Culture and Sport with the ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The other ministries will also experience an overhaul, with the Ministry of Health being rebranded as the Ministry of Health and Social Insurance, with the Ministry of Labor will become the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity. The other four ministries – Foreign Affairs, National defense, Finances and Justice – will remain as is.