Idiots can be useful. The usefulness of people with a reduced intelligence in the public life, after all, has been proven on an international level. The Greek case has its peculiarities.

Here, we observe cases of people who often have a parliamentary mandate to celebrate the shortcomings of others.

At present we are witnessing the clash of the two largest apparent parties. On the one hand they appear unable to depart; unfortunately one swallow (Antonis Samaras) does not a summer make.

On the other hand, the other swallow (Alexis Tsipras) also appears unable to face the “clergy” of party members who come from areas of blind obedience and threaten to waste their trump card.

In other words, what is going on in the past few days with the bailout and everything demonstrates that one is is weak and the other irresponsible.

The main opposition’s attempt to prove that it will be more reliable in European affairs than the current government, that alone can push the political life off the edge.

The voters do not understand the power games that are being played in the name of principles that are evidently limp.

Remember with how much disdain Georgios Papandreou approached the Left who invented the term of the double front. Those allied in the Left are now paying the price, which appears to hover like a specter above the party that reclaimed EAM’s legacy. The voters, however, have woken up.

Stavros P. Psycharis.

Originally published in the Sunday print edition