The federation of hospital doctors OENGE has announced that it will participate in the 24-hour general strike called by the country’s largest trade unions GSEE and ADEDY for Thursday, the 3rd of December. The federation had initially called a strike for Wednesday, but postponed by a day to coincide with the general strike.

Aside from Thursday’s strike, OENGE has announced a work stoppage at 11am on Friday, when the Council of State is expected to issue a ruling on the restoration of medical payrolls. OENGE demands the recruitment of doctors and staff members in the national healthcare system ESY, an increase of funding and to establish a primary healthcare system. Additionally, the hospital doctors demand a sustainable and fair pension system.

Finally, the nationwide public hospital employee federation POEDIN has announced a 24-hour strike for Wednesday, with a demonstration at noon outside the Ministry of Health and will also participate in Thursday’s 24-hour strike called by ADEDY and GSEE.