The European statistics authority service Eurostat has announced that the rate of unemployment in Greece dropped to 25% in May 2015, from 25.6% in the previous month, April 2015. There is no data yet for Greece about June and July.

According to Eurostat’s divs, there were 1.201 million unemployed in Greece during May. It was also shown that unemployment affects women (28.2%) harder than it affects men (22.4%).

Greece has the highest rate of unemployed in the European Union (25% in May), followed by Spain (22.2%), while the lowest rates were documented in Germany (4.7%), the Czech Republic and Malta (both 5.7%).

The average unemployment rate in the Eurozone countries dropped to 10.9% in July 2015 from 11.1% in June 2015 and from 11.6% a year ago, in July 2014. The rate in the EU was 9.5% in July, the lowest since June 2011, while a year ago it was 10.7%.

Greece is also in the lead in youth unemployment, with 52.5% of Greeks under the age of 25 being out of job in May (up from 51.8% in April). After Greece the highest rates are encountered in Spain (48.6%), Croatia (43.1%) and Italy (40.5%). Conversely, the lower rates were documented in Germany (7%), Malta (.8.7%) and Estonia (9.5%).

In July 2015, the average rate of unemployment for people under the age of 25 in the Eurozone dropped to 21.9% from 23.8% in July 2014, while the same rate for the European Union was 20.4%, from 22% in July 2014.