The union of doctors contracted with national healthcare services provider EOPYY has announced that a work retention will come into effect on Monday, which effectively means that its policy holders will have to fully pay for exams, before claiming a refund.

According to the union (ENI-EOPYY), the healthcare organization which covers the needs of about 10 million policyholders is “in utter ruins” and is unable to make payments towards patients, laboratories and diagnostic centers.

The doctors decided to take action as they have not been paid in months, while expressing concerns over their extended contracts, as the relevant government decision has not et been published in the government gazette. The EOPYY doctor union also reports that due to the capital controls, many suppliers demand payment upfront, causing further problems.

As of Monday, when the work retention comes into effect, policyholders will be given a receipt after payment and will then have to claim a refund directly from EOPYY.