Editorial: End the uncertainty

The two-day meeting between the government officials and the troika is perhaps the last opportunity to bridge the differences…

Editorial: End the uncertainty | tovima.gr

The two-day meeting between the government officials and the troika is perhaps the last opportunity to bridge the differences, so that our creditors can finally finish this review.

Once more, the negotiation is turning out to be a marathon race that exacerbates the financial environment while increasing the political uncertainty.

The troika’s obsession with the budget gap, despite having repeatedly made wrong estimations in the past, has decisively contributed towards the deterioration of the climate and prolongation of the negotiations, with the deadlines being suffocating. This dogmatic obsession increases the government’s mistakes and delays, giving the troika’s technocrats and their political supervisors the argument to carry on with the pressure.

It is more than obvious that after 6 years of a deep crisis, after incredible sacrifices by the people, neither the economy, nor society can endure new measures. We cannot risk wasting the first glimpse of exiting the long-term recession due to the extended political uncertainty caused by a fruitless negotiation.

The government ought to implement reforms that will not result in a new financial burden, in order to disallow our creditors any excuses. The government must also clearly explain to the Greek people what problems exist, while aiming for the greater possible support in the negotiations with the troika. Our European partners also ought to understand that they cannot demand more and more from a country that, despite the problems, has achieved the greatest fiscal consolidation in modern history. Nor of course can they use Greece to send messages of compliance to the dominant logic of strict austerity, to other financially problematic countries.


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