Time for the major turn

The recent experience of the several month long negotiations between Mr. Tsipras’ new government and the creditors revealed…

Time for the major turn | tovima.gr

The recent experience of the several month long negotiations between Mr. Tsipras’ new government and the creditors revealed many deficits and problems. It particularly revealed the lack of preparation of the new Left party in managing the country’s critical affairs.

It took almost four months to understand the complexity of the problem and the degree of dependence on the European financing mechanism. During this time the real economy was hurt and the country was and remains at risk of running out of money.

We had to reach our limits, so that the Prime Minister could take the initiatives that allow the people to have hope about exiting this deleterious cycle of insecurity and a return to normality.

It is not just SYRIZA though, there are also the previous governments that ran the country during the crisis. Giorgos Papandreou’s PASOK was greatly distinguished for the lack of preparation in 2009, which he paid for dearly.

Similarly, Antonis Samaras’ New Democracy caused similar damages, precisely because it did not have plans and neither was it distinguished for its consistency in managing the crisis.

Because the Greek problem has not yet been solved and according to all predictions it will remain active for many more years to come, the country’s political forces, government and opposition, have a duty of changing their stance and attitude.

First of all, the government is obliged to overcome the communication syndrome and witch-hunting that defines it. Instead of constructing internal enemies, it must focus more on developing a concise and internally consistent plan for growth and exiting the crisis.

Likewise, the opposition parties, rather than wasting away observing the government, they ought to focus on preparing alternative plans for the country’s recovery.

It would be a blessing if Samaras, Venizelos, Theodorakis and everyone else who is ambitious in the opposition, to form distinguished groups to go over proposals and solutions for overcoming the major national crisis.

Something like that would create an environment of renewal which would allow new officers to emerge, capable of handling cases that they will have gone over themselves, when needed.

The present and future will not be easy. The communicative scenarios in politics, even the most inspired ones, have been proven to not last long in time, nor are they capable of giving real answers on their own to the country’s complicated problems.

The responsibility towards the country and the people demands that all political forces make a generous turn from the ease of communication and populism, to systematic work and the production of concise plans and solutions for the country. Otherwise the country will lose and will be lost.

Antonis Karakousis

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