Days of Decline

Why isn’t the country moving forward, why is it constantly caught between a rock and a hard place, why aren’t the affairs…

Days of Decline |

Why isn’t the country moving forward, why is it constantly caught between a rock and a hard place, why aren’t the affairs developing accordingly and why are our politicians constantly faltering?

Anyone closely following Greek affairs may be surprised by the constant delays, the dominance of the endless dilemmas and the constant wavering.

And of course from the inability to compose a complete exit plan from the crisis, which will be based on knowledge of the Greek environment and understanding the circumstances of the world surrounding us.

“Which ever way the tide turns”, as the people say. No consequence, not stability, just communication.

That is the era’s main characteristic and the cause of the prolonged crisis.

The deficit is obvious; the country’s ruling class is missing the guiding core of ideas and beliefs that instills faith in people, gives powers to leaderships and arguments to defenders.

That is why there are so many inconsistencies, which in the end quickly destabilize everything and everyone.

One would expect that in these hard times the “spirit of reform” would proliferate in Greek society and politics, a wave of dialog and searching which would be in the position of cultivating the domination of a cycle of ideas and beliefs that would “push” the country towards a rebirth.

Instead we have see all forms of decline and retreat prevail.

Embarrassing fools have emerged in politics and despicable populist are setting the tone.

The intellectual world also did not produce anything great – ever the arts and in despite of the overproduction, is not defined by great and authentic personalities.

In the business world, aside from a few bright examples, most remain clandestine and in the shadows, without a sense of responsibility and duty towards the country that “made” them. They are only trying to avoid taxes and to send their money and children abroad.

Truth be told, during the crisis the country was greatly impoverished in all fields.

We are unfortunately living through a cycle of generalized decline and it is a matter of national survival to overcome it as soon as possible.

This demands the immediate mobilization of all unclaimed forces in the country, before it is too late.

Antonis Karakousis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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