Former PASOK and New Democracy ministers,Giorgos Papantoniou and Petros Doukas respectively, have been indicted over disingenuous tax declarations.

Mr. Papantoniou’s name was involved in the “Lagarde List”, as his wife Stavroula Kourakou was found to have a Swiss bank account in 2007 credited with 2.2 million dollars. In his memo to the Parliamentary Audit Committee, Mr. Papantoniou claims that the account was created without his knowledge and the money was his wife’s former husband, Theodoros Oustabasidis. Mr. Papantoniou insists the money was deposited there to fund the studies of Mr. Oustabasidis’ two sons. The former minister also stated that part of the sum was legally declared.

The Audit Committee also indicted Mr. Doukas over a 1 million-euro shortfall, despite adequate explanations. In 2010 Mr. Doukas’ account contained 1 million euros less than in 2009, which he verified to having being transferred from a savings account to an investment account. Despite not committing anything illegal, Mr. Doukas was obliged to report the transfer.