The SEAM-SMAM unions of Attiko Metro have warned that the Metro employee’s strikes will likely stall the completion of seven new Metro stations in Attica. It is reminded that the employees are reacting to their induction in the uniform payroll for civil servants.

The two unions demand that their company’s individual and collective agreements be preserved and that they be treated like their colleagues of the Thessaloniki Metro that is being constructed. In their assembly it was mentioned that “Kostas Hatzidakis changed the law so that the bankrupt contractor of Metro Thessalonikis can collect an increased down payment of tens of million euros. He is also aiming to give more tens of millions to the same bankrupt contractor of Metro Thessalonikis, to proceed with a “friendly” out of courts settlement of his demands. It is noted that the above demands refer to the annual payroll of Attiko Metro for the next 50 years.”

The unions further scrutinize the Minister and argue that the arbitrary increases of contractors, exuberant rewards and arbitrary hiring of consultants should be addressed before proceeding with wage cuts.