The trial for the Siemens scandal which was meant to begin on Friday has been postponed for the 15th of December, due to a series of technical delays and objections. The corruption scandal relates to the digitization of the Greek telephone systems, with the two major parties at the time – New Democracy and PASOK – appearing to have received bribes.

A total of 64 defendants will stand trial, 20 of whom are German nationals. Amongst the defendants is Prodromos Mavridis, who appears to have circulated the largest amount of money that has been circulated in the major corruption scandal. Swiss authorities managed to seize 39.5million euros from Siemens accounts in Swiss banks.

Michalis Christoforakos, who was controversially allowed to leave Greece for the safety of Germany, has refused to attend the trial, despite being summoned. Former PASOK officer Theodoros Tsoukatos is also amongst the defendants, as he appears to have collected bribes from Siemens, which he allegedly passed on his party’s fund.