Europe is in danger

The freedom in the movement of goods, capital and people are essential principles in the European foundation…

Europe is in danger |

The freedom in the movement of goods, capital and people are essential principles in the European foundation.

The European Union has managed to become strong and mighty and managed to excite its people precisely because it managed to liberate them from many of the barriers of protectionism.

Based on these principles, Europe united and became the home for the postwar generations, overcoming the national hatred and passions spanning centuries.

In the present circumstances of the major crisis, particular in the case of Greece, the freedom of movement of capital is lost due to the capital controls and as a result, the freedom in the movement of goods and trade is also being limited.

Due to the refugee crisis man European countries are erecting walls and the Schengen Treaty is losing power and with it the free movement of people.

In other words, Europe is gradually losing its identity, the very one that made it attractive to Greeks and people all over the world.

Especially for Greece and to the extent that the capital controls and financial crisis are maintained, in conjunction with hundreds of thousands of refugees being trapped within its borders, the European vision will be undermined and the country will sooner or later surrender to dark or nationalist forces.

This is already going on in many of the younger, former socialist, European countries which do not have a long tradition in democracy and after the collapse were nurtured in an climate of economic authoritarianism.

Without a doubt Europe is losing and being lost on the double fronts of the financial recession and refugee influx.

If this atmosphere of protectionism persists, then the European structure will whither to the greatest extent and then one morning it will collapse like a house of cards.

The European leaders, parties and forces, particularly the countries that lead, must act quickly, assume the responsibility and make resources available, while insisting upon the preservation of the principles that made Europe a model example of coexistence and progress.

Otherwise there is no point in defending a structure which has more in common with the illiberal castles of the Middle Ages than anything else…

Antonis Karakousis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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