Five tourists for every Greek!

The guiding spirit in the times of Alexis Tsipras suggests tht stability and recovery will not come from austerity and…

Five tourists for every Greek! |

The guiding spirit in the times of Alexis Tsipras suggests tht stability and recovery will not come from austerity and the simultaneous deregulation of markets, but rather from growth! If only it were so, what blind person does not want to see?

Only when the discussion reaches a crux, as in how growth will come to a country without investors or other resources, there is real answer.

On the contrary, one realizes that the guiding spirit is doing all it can to restrict any growth prospects.

The actions and choices of most ministers set limitations and restrictions which reduce the prospects of developing new activities, rather than presenting more opportunities. They re neither promoting “ready” businesses, nor are the taking advantage of the obvious benefits in certain sectors.

The various projects at the ministries of Growth, Transport, Industry, Environment and elsewhere remain stagnat because those in charge pose environmental objections or simply dream of redistributing interests and power and so forth.

As such the construction sites of roads go to waste, the ready investments in waste management remain on the shelves, the funding of “mature” investment projects stagnates, the investments in the energy sector are on the brink, while even the investments in the emergent tourist sector are not being pushed forward.

Truth be told, Greece requires financial and political stability, open markets and an encouraging environment toa ttract foreing investments in order to exit the crisis.

Already the longterm crisis has created an advantage of a lower labor force cost and along with a surplus of trained scientific and skilled worker force capable of supporting everything from farming to trade, tourism and new technlogies.

The conditions in Greece are such that tourism alone can be launching pad for new growth.

Those closely following tourims in Grece estiamte taht by 2021 Athens will have see 40 million overnight stays with over 50 million tourists arriving that year.

Athens will have its fair share, as an interntational destimation and there will be five tourists for each Greek.

Based on the emergent tourist wave other sectors may recover, such as consturction and real estate, transport, trade, food and new technologies.

Tourism will therefore create a wave of growth that will embrace the entire country and bring back better days for its people.

The only difference is that this requries understanding the circumstances and having a clear impression of the country, its advantages and capabilities.

Antonis Karakousis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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