Tsipras: Prespa Agreement can be scrapped if Skopje does not comply

The Greek PM underlined that if there any references in the FYROM Constitution that will leave room for future irredentist interpretations the agreement will not pass.

Discussion and vote regarding the pension cuts abrogation, in the plenum of the Greek Parliament, in Athens, on Dec. 11, 2018 / Συζήτηση και ψήφιση της κατάργησης των περικοπών στις συντάξεις, στην ολομέλεια του Ελληνικού κοινοβουλίου, στις 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

Facing a huge uproar after FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s references to “Macedonians of the Aegean”, which implies that there are unliberated Slavs within the territory of the Greek state, PM Alexis Tsipras for the first time left open the possibility of scrapping the Greek-FYROM Prespa naming agreement if Skopje does not honour the letter and the spirit of the accord, both until the time comes for the Greek Parliament to ratify it and thereafter

“Skopje is obliged to comply with the spirit and the letter of the accord. We have stated to them and everyone that if this does not happen, the agreement will not be go forward, nor will the country’s admission to international organisations,” Tsipras told parliament today, amid fierce opposition criticism of his handling of talks and the resulting agreement.

“We are awaiting and paying close attention to the completion of the constitutional amendments process and we have sent messages where necessary, and not in public debate for reasons of sensationalism,” the PM declared.

He underlined that if there any references that will leave room for future irredentism the agreement will not pass.

The PM’s remarks were widely viewed as a bid to calm the public and MPs who were positive about ratifying the accord but expressed second thoughts  (To Potami party)after Zaev’s statements, which opened a window for the recognition of a “[Slavo]Macedonian minority” in Greece.

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