The world is heading down a crooked path

The Trump typhoon did not come out of the blue. There were many precursors and…

The world is heading down a crooked path |

The Trump typhoon did not come out of the blue. There were many precursors and disputes around the world. Long before the major financial crisis of 2008 there was an international movement against globalization.

The clashes in Seattle were indicative of atmosphere of conflict that was emerging in the USA. Similar challenging movements would later develop in Europe as well.

When the crisis broke out in 2008, it was the movement against Wall Street that cultivated the opposition against the 1% that defined the other 99%.

The rich, the bankers, the political and financial elites and above all the corrupt and intertwined media were responsible for everything wrong in the world.

The seed of oversimplified opposition and dispute was then planted in Western societies.

At first in anarchist and far-left forces and the the far-right and nationalists, who developed a rhetoric of hate and major dispute towards the so-called systemic forces.

In the Greek crisis the dispute emerged in the form of the “Indignados” on Syntagma Square.

During that period myths were born and huge lies were constructed, which legitimized and bolstered Golden Dawn, turned SYRIZA into a contender for power, gave birth to the Independent Greeks and allowed every poor sap to believe he has the solution for the country in his pocket.

Greece was the first to allow the development of an anti-systemic rhetoric. Due to the country’s characteristics, the left wing side of opposition emerged.

Elsewhere, where there are different traditions, the opposition was dominated by the far right and ultra-conservative nationalists.

The Brexit in the UK came as a result of society’s conservative reflexes, in France Le Pen continues to grow in power, in Germany the nascent pro-Nazi parties were bolstered, in Italy there is a charlatan and now the USA selected Donald Trump, an absolutely conservative and far right – according to Greek sensibilities – politician, with an unconventional, deeply divisive and racist rhetoric, which praises protectionism, glorifies arms, attacks women, the others, the newspapers and media, by slamming all taboos of political correctness, which in the public consciousness were considered principles and rules of the corrupt elite.

Many hope or expect that the institutional counterweights of the American constitutions will curb the Trump typhoon.

They are kidding themselves, just like our people over here.

Truth be told, the world is in uncharted waters, with many inexperienced and brash – if not useless – captains at the helm, who think that they are capable, but in reality they are navigating blindly, without a plan and thought out solutions.

Unfortunately it will take many bitter and bad experiences to understand the major mistake and reveal that the path the world is taking will only encourage conflict, misery and darkness.

Antonis Karakousis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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