Mr. Tsipras will meet his fate

The new Left of Mr. Tsipras triumphantly rose to power, have secured nearly everone’s…

Mr. Tsipras will meet his fate |

The new Left of Mr. Tsipras triumphantly rose to power, have secured nearly everone’s support – even the blessing of the partners and creditors.

The Greek people were charmed by the passion of the leader’s youth and the foreigners saw in the face of Mr. Tsipras a determined leader, capable of leading an effort to rescue and give new life to the country. They even reached the point where they overlooked the offensive rhetoric during his years in the opposition, as well as the lacking in understanding the country’s position and problems that characterized him.

Everyone was deceived then, by wrongly estimating that power would “tame” the politicians from the streets. The events proved everyone wrong. The first period of the new Left in power was a complete joke.

Without any sense of awareness for the circumstances or care for the future, only catastrophic delusions, which brought the economy and the entire country on the brink of catastrophe. After living the Varoufakian madness for six months, we had the ultimate display of opportunism by Mr. Tsipras with the referendum in the summer of 2015.

And then after came the ultimate u-turn, where the “No” turned into a “Yes” and was accompanied by the third and harshest bailout agreement.

The party split into two and Mr. Tsipras escaped via the elections, which he won because he managed to maintain the enthusiasm of the first days.

However the turn was so great that he could not justify it.

Political countermeasures were sought out and the strategy of domestic tension was planned, with the “greedy” media at the forefront.

Since last autumn Mr. Tsipras – and the team around him – began to systematically build his plan to conquer the media.

He announced the Pappas law, systematically deconstructed the media at the Parliamentary inquiry into the media and loans and prepared the tender for the television broadcasting licenses.

The tender was prepared to suit the interests of the friendly forces, which would replace the old, slandered publishers.

The whole plan however fell apart due to the brashness and arrogance of those who devised it.

Those who were chosen to replace the old system were not the best people in the world. And Justice proved to be far more resilient than the shadowy policy-makers at Maximos Mansion thought. The fascist-inspired extortion of the judges was revealed, the game was completely lost.

Now everything is up in the air. The plan collapsed, the minister has sunk and the Prime Minister is left standing on his own.

The glamor of the early days has faded, the damage is constant and the inevitable approaches…

Antonis Karakousis
Originally published in the Saturday print edition

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