The national effort to save Greece!

The circumstances of a national crisis that Greece has experienced for the past seven…

The national effort to save Greece! |

The circumstances of a national crisis that Greece has experienced for the past seven years resemble those in 1974, before the restoration of Democracy.

Our country is now facing a profound, major long term social and financial crisis , which is affecting even the composition of the population, by reducing its ability to meet the challenges and demands of the times.

At the same time, due to the financial retreat, Greece is facing external threats and claims capable of causing a major national crisis. There is no shortage of people who believe that the current, turbulent crisis is much more serious and complicated than the one of 1974,

Then it was a matter of Democracy; now it is everything else and Democracy together after so many instances of authoritarianism in Justice and elsewhere.

One would therefore expect that due to the critical nature of circumstances that the political and other initiatives would come into effect in order to overcome the long-term and highly corrosive crisis.

In 1974 it was the national tragedy in Cyprus that allowed a broad circle of forces and personalities to assume responsibility and safely lead the country to Democracy.

Now, unfortunately, for many reasons, there is no similar mobilization.

The government follows its own obsessive and one-dimensional way, as it does not have the experience enabling it to diagnose the extent of the risks to the country and its citizens. The rulers think that with tricks here and there theyt will be able to change the game and draw the country out of the impasse.

The opposition however is also acting almost in the same manner. The opposition forces are deluding themselves that, each on their own, they can carry out the Herculuan task of reconstructing the country. The same applies for the many social, financial, business and spiritual and other forces in the country.

They listen, see, observe and remain apathetic, as if the problem does not concern them and the whole situation does not affect them. The country, the nation are literally committing suicide and the main agents in the country are standing by ildly and apathetic.

Anyone currenlty aware of the circumstances and threats against Greece should have truly revolted to lead a national effort for the salvation and reconstruction of the country.

If there is no credible movement for the country’s reconstruction in the next two years, then Greece will be faced with absolute decline and will whither away.

And nobody can then calim to not have known or image how things would turn out.

Antonis Karakousis
Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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