The twin rodents

A manager is someone who manages other people, usually unsuccessfully.,,

The twin rodents |
A manager is someone who manages other people, usually unsuccessfully. We see them all suffer on a daily basis. On the one hand the manages, lacking abilities, create even greater problems than the ones they are meant to solve, and on the other those being managed because they do not react.
Managers and employees often act in their own interests and against the interests of those whom they are supposed to serve.
Typically the reluctance of lower officers is combines with the difficult of supervisors to respond to their company’s operation and development plans.
The detrimental actions of managers is of course encountered both in the private and public sector. One would expect that since recruitment in the private sector is mostly based on who you know and personal relations and that there are far more employees hired without exams, that things would be better in the public sector. Better in the sense that at least those who rely on favoritism and having the necessary qualifications would create an administrative environment that is obviously unfair, but largely meritocratic.
There are many examples of incapable people in our country being appointed in the public sector and systematically harming the State. Most of them, possibly unintentionally, contribute towards the squandering of public funds, while aiding common thieves.
The edifice of fraud is constantly giving birth to new monsters. The vultures are hiding their actions by wearing the guise of twins.
Namely, they attempt in pairs to collect capital by milking the market. But nothing can hide away from the sun.
Stavros P. Psycharis
Originally published in the Sunday print edition
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